exparrows is a simple LaTeX package that allows one to easily insert customizable arrows pointing to parts of your equations. Adapted from Sibin Mohan’s examples on Twitter, exparrows can improve the readability of long equations by clarifying the role of each term in the equation with a colorful annotation.


autumn is a clean Beamer theme with the same color scheme as my website: deep reds, dry greens, and rich browns. Avoiding gradients and complicated periphery, the theme relies on clean lines and serif headers to distinguish itself. It is my personal ideal Beamer theme, but if you like it, you’re welcome to it.

ManimCE + Video in Beamer

ManimCE is a Python library that allows for the creation of math animations. Originally developed by Grant Sanderson of 3Blue1Brown and then transformed by a dedicated community into a more accessible tool, ManimCE can be used to create short animations for use in presentations, full-length explainer videos, and everything in between. These animations can even be incorporated into Beamer presentations with the right techniques, which are also explained in this article.

LaTeX Utilies

When creating LaTeX documents, there are a few objects which are particularly annoying to code by hand: graphs, commutative diagrams, tables, etc. In these cases, it’s useful to know about online tools or applications which can accelerate the process. This is a continually updated list of useful tools that I’ve run across.

Hugo Apéro

Hugo Apéro is the theme I used to create this website. It’s easily customizable and requires little-to-no programming experience; a day of trial-and-error following the ‘‘Get Started’’ series was enough to get the hang of the essential operations.

CV Template

Creating a LaTeX CV can be finnicky and annoying. In case you like the style of mine and haven’t made one before, here is an easy-to-use template that you can use to make your own CV. Adapted from Kumar Saurav’s resume template available here.